Woman and Chihuahua Dog

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Medium: Wood
  • Width: 6.2 inches
    Height: 4.5 inches
    Depth: 0.8 inches

It is widely agreed that the relationship between people and their pets has a significant impact on the psychological and physiological well-being of both parties. The love and affection shared between humans and animals is mutual and reciprocal. We have created these handmade designs with the aim of capturing these emotions. Each piece is made up of parts crafted from the same or different species of wood, such as oak, walnut, chestnut, and beech. Some of the parts fit together like a puzzle, representing the strong bond between humans and animals. These designs can be used to decorate any room in your home and are also a wonderful gift idea for any animal lover.

Note: Every item is handmade and slight variations in colour may occur.