Doberman decoration sculpture

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  • ■ Modern, simple, and colorful Doberman dog statues, inspired by the animal world, and blended with modern craftsmanship, appear to have smooth lines and clear structures, showing the cuteness and agility of dogs.
  • ■ It is as if the new life has just opened the shackles of the outside world, interpreting the alternative aesthetic simplicity without losing the atmosphere, making the entire space full of vitality and vitality.
  • ■ It is expressed with a smooth body shape and abstract and exaggerated craftsmanship. The colorful hand-painted express the colors, which can well embellish the space.
  • ■ Selected resin material, molded by mold, unique in shape, non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, safe, and heavy texture. Every step is treated with care.
  • ■ Putting such a tasteful handicraft at home, adding fresh ideas to the familiar environment, is the perfect choice for home decoration and holiday gifts.
  • ■ Material: Resin 

  • Size: 27.5*10*25 CM / 10.8"x4"x9.8"